Diginet Global

Diginet.Global Review

Diginet Global is a brand new business based in London, United Kingdom. The concept of Diginet Global is to Transform our relationship with Wealth, providing education on the difference of Currency and Money and and how to earn Gold, Crypto Currency or Cash and how to put it to work!

Diginet.Global is an honest business with genuine products. With the Academy there will be over 70 years worth of content including my subjects such as finance, crypto currency, trading, cookery, travel, languages, and indeed virtually anything you want to learn about. The main product however will be teaching people why to turn part of our savings into money which is pure gold supplied by the Royal Mint in United Kingdom, which has been in existence over 1100 years.

A further concept with Diginet.Global will be to digitise or tokenise your pure gold into Crypto Tokens and earn recurring income as it is utilised in a new gold backed blockchain.

Having realised a few years ago of the importance of saving pure gold I really believe Diginet.Global will provide a much needed service.

Having reviewed this video you will hopefully realise how the currency in your bank account has less buying power every year.  Since records began the value of Pure Gold has always outpaced the value of your currency.
With the Diginet.Global business we can increase wealth by exchanging currency to pure gold weekly, monthly or whenever we choose in amounts as low as 0.1 gram.
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Do you know anyone who needs to earn more income this year? Diginet.Global is recruiting people just like you to help grow the business.