Beurax Webinar

Ok, good morning, good afternoon, good evening to some of you and thank you for watching this live Beurax Webinar. Some of you may be watching a recording Beurax Webinar because we’re actually recording today’s presentation. This is very new to me as it is just coming towards the end of my second week. Just to tell you a little bit about myself. I have been involved in business since I was about 18 years old. I had shops, I had three shops, and I was involved in that business for over twenty-five years. I still have a version of that business today. I don’t own the shops anymore. I supply the shops. I decided to lease out the premises. I then got involved in this wonderful industry of referral marketing. I built some major teams across the world very, very excited about what we have here today. A very new idea and something that we’re having major, major success within these very, very early days. I will tell you that I’m not a financial adviser. So the information in the slides we put together is just based on my own opinions. We’ve done some calculations here and it’s really for our affiliates to give them some overview of the company. We’re going to give them some overview of the products available. And we’re also going to give you a little bit of overview of the compensation, how you can benefit from promoting the business. So I will also say that past performance does not guarantee future results.Get started with Beurax

Who is behind Beurax

Guys, no matter what you do in life, we don’t have a crystal ball we cannot see into the future. But the further back we look into the past, probably the more likely we can predict what may happen, what may occur. So with that said, let me tell you a little bit about what I know about Beurax. It’s a phenomenal idea. In fact, this gentleman on the left-hand side, Gabriel Barros from Portugal, he and I were involved in another company. He went to the top rank in the company. I went to one from the top. He is a fantastic team builder. And he was introduced by the gentleman on the right-hand side of this picture, none other than Mr. Rick Heintzman. If you have a look at who Rick Heintzman is. Rick is the founder of a company called First Mark Capital, first Mark Capital. And if you go to Mark’s Right, Rick’s website, you will see that they were seed investors in many, many companies that you know all and companies such as Airbnb. He was there in the very early days raising funds to get Airbnb off the ground. Companies like Discord, which I have just downloaded recently, Shopify and Pinterest, are some of the names that you’re quite familiar with.

Well, Rick Heintzman company was involved in raising the seed capital to get these businesses up off the ground. So a very savvy investor and he invited he introduced Gabriel. And of course, we all of us are in Gabriel’s team. So that is how we came across it. Very, very interesting project. From a compliance point of view, we are very, very happy that they’ve registered with none other than basic. Now is the Government Security and Investment Commission. It’s based in Australia where the companies based, we have a copy of the registration company document, which is very, very important to understand. And you will note that they have an authorized capital of seventy-five million dollars. Now, that tells me that if the government is doing its homework right, if the government is doing its due diligence, they will have vetted the owners, they will have vetted the company structure. They probably have spoken to their accountants or possibly have it looked at some bank documents, passports. They’ve done their due diligence as a government organization called ASIC to license if you wish, these types of companies in their jurisdiction. We have the minutes from their very, very first meeting was just back in August this year. And whilst I found some of this information on their own website, I then took it upon myself to go to the government website. Yes, that’s ASIC. And of course, I had to pay for this document, which was an extract from the government about this particular company. So just doing some homework, I was able to get their exact details.

More about Beurax Company

Beurax is an Australian company? Now, I’ve got their business name. I can see where their premises are. They’re actually working out of 21 Marcus Clarke Street in Canberra, which is the capital of Australia. I could see who the directors are and more importantly, seventy-five million dollars. We’re not talking about a nominal share capital. We’re talking about totally paid-up share capital, yes Seventy-five dollars million paid-up share capital. So that’s very, very important because in any business you need this I suppose this leverage. You need this comfort zone. You need this wealth behind you, particularly in the environment that this company is involved with. So after I’ve done my little bit of homework and you’re very welcome to do your own, I was happy to make my first deposit. And when you make a deposit, you can make that deposit in US dollars. You can make it in Bitcoin or you could make it in Ethereum. So these three blocks, the green one is for your dollars. The salmon-colored one would be for your bitcoin. And then let’s call it violet purple color is for your Dollar. account. So what I did was I had replenished. So if you register today, you just go and click the replenish button and you can populate these let’s call these banks a dollar bank, Bitcoin bank, or your own experience bank. So I deposit it, as you can see, zero point zero five of Bitcoin and then nothing happens.Get started with Beurax

Beurax Withdrawals

You can withdraw. You just press the withdrawal button and you can withdraw it if you wish. But that was kind of pointless. So, what I did then was I went and had a look at the variety of plans that this company has to offer. So on the left-hand side of your website, once you get registered, you will see that once you make a deposit, you can select either total return swaps, currency swaps, interest rate swaps, or commodity swaps. These are the four product categories. Now, these four links down the left-hand side, you’ll also see them across the top of your page. So, you’ve got the blue highlighted here, which is your total return swaps. If I press this, it’ll take me to the currency swaps, etc, across the four categories. Now, in the first category, you can see you can get started with as little as twenty dollars. Twenty dollars allows everybody on the planet to participate. It’s not prohibitive. It’s a very easy level of entry. And of course, if you’re thinking anything between 20 and 500 dollars, you’re going to earn 1.4%  per day for a 15-day term, for a 15 day. Let’s call it a 15-day contract. Now, these 15 days are business days, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. So you earn during the business days, 15 business days.

So this would be a three-week plan. And of course, then at the end of the term, you get your full deposit back. So after 15 days, this is my 10th day, for instance. So I’ve paid every day Monday to Friday, almost ten days next week, my term will be up on this little contract and then I get the full deposit back at the end of the term so people can start very low. People can do it for short periods of time, longer periods of time. Of course, the longer you participate, the better the reward for you. So you can see then the next plan to the right-hand side shows you for those of you comfortable with 500 to a thousand dollar deposit, you’re going to get five extra working days, five extra profit days, because this is a 20-day plan. And, of course, you earn one point five percent versus that one point four. So that’s for those people that want to participate in dollars. Now, again, if you want one point six, we’re looking at between a thousand and two and a half thousand. If you’d like to deposit between 2,500 and 5,000 dollars, that’s a 30 day plan for the plan extends. And also the the value is much, much better at 1.7%. Of course, the top plan is 1.8 percent. We’re just looking at the first category now for those of you would like to participate in, let’s call it Bitcoin.

Beurax Contracts

Then we look at the first Bitcoin contract here. We’ve got zero point zero one of the Bitcoin. That’s very, very little to get started up to half Bitcoin. And that brings you back to about one point four percent a day. And this is a twenty day time. In fact, this is the actual plan I took at the start. I’ve not taken out about six or seven different plans, but my initial plan was this one at zero point zero zero one of a Bitcoin. If I want to get a better return, I need to be looking at 1.5 percent a day. Well, then I need to deposit between a half and two bitcoins. If I’d like 1.6%, you need to put in between two and ten bitcoins. And this gives you 1.6% per day for forty five days. That’s a very good deal. And then we look at the dollar. contracts, so it starts again at the theory of 0.01 of the Ethereum up to 5 ETH. gives you that twenty day term. You can see there at 1.4% again. So there’s a variety of daily percentages of. Variety of terms and there’s a variety of currencies you can participate, and that’s the first category just to share with our new members or potential new account holders, you can go and select a plan that suits your appetite, that suits your adversity to risk that it suits your level of investment, let’s call it.

Now, when we click the second category, which is the currency swaps, again, we go to dollars. This is for the bigger players that want to put in between ten thousand fifty thousand dollars. You can get three percent a day for 90 days, three percent a day. Now, in an economy and in a global environment where banks are paying less than one percent per year, less than one percent in an entire year. Imagine getting three percent just for one day, maybe two days, three days, four days. Well, this is a money day, three percent plan for those of you that elevate to the ten thousand dollars. Again, there are a variety of accounts taking you right up to three point three percent. Now, when we go to Bitcoin, if you put in one Bitcoin up to five Bitcoins, you get that 3.1 Bitcoin and you could do the same in Ethereum. 25 ETH up to 125 ETH. And that gives you that 3.1 percent. So that’s a little bit of background into the products. If you go to the interest rate swaps, you can get 1.9  percent for a thousand dollars. This is a 45 day contract. This is very good. This is a very good contract at 1.9% a day for forty five business days, just starting with a thousand dollars or more, you can get a nominal return to that set.

0.85% Now what are the banks offering?. Zero point zero one in a year, maybe one tenth of one percent in a year. We’re looking at 1.9 percent here in a day if you elect the interest rate swaps. Of course, you do that in Bitcoin and also in at and the highest category we have is our commodity swaps offering up to 4.2 percent a day. And that’s for a 200 day contract, 4.2% a day. So that is the contracts that are available. So if any of our new members or guests are having a look at this, it shows you how to navigate. The site is very, very, very simple, quite easy to do. Now, another thing you might be interested in is withdrawing. How do I take the money out? Well, you can take the money out every day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So even though you only earn Monday to Friday on your own account, you’re also you can generate network commissions that can be taken up every day. You can take it out multiple times a day. Some days I take two withdrawals, I might withdraw some dollars and I might withdraw some Ethereum. The next day, I might withdraw some Bitcoin and then I might also withdraw some Ethereum.

Beurax Referral Plan

And the good thing to know is if you come in in dollars or Bitcoin and you introduce me as an example and I invest Ethereum, you earn in Ethereum even though you haven’t participated in Ethereum yourself. So you can actually build these three balances in dollars Bitcoin and Ethereum and can also withdraw. So here you can see in my account at zero point zero six of earnings, I chose to withdraw zero point zero five. Remember, that’s what I started with. I put in 0.05BTC. So now withdrawing up. And you can see that  came to my account, 0.05 BTC went back out to my wallet. And we’ve done many tests on this. We are very, very, very satisfied. In fact, here’s here’s some more withdrawals. You can see you can withdraw from Bitcoin. So on the 23rd I withdrew 005 like I just showed you on the 24th I withdrew point one of a bitcoin. That’s a tenth of a bitcoin, about fifteen hundred. I think that’s worth at the moment. I took about two ETH on the 25th. On the 27th I took a thousand dollars off. I also took you up to four bitcoin on 29th. I took a point to set up a theory the same day I took the fifth of an experiment as well.

And I’ve done many, many, many more of these. So it’s absolutely working like clockwork. Very simple to navigate, very efficient website, I’ll tell you. And going very, very nicely not just to show you some history how I got started. I picked up the phone and I mentioned this idea just to to people. So I started with two partners and both of those partners took an active account. They went in, they funded their own deposit. And that was me started. That was if you look here, day one,  in the day two, my partners grew to seven partners and half of them, well, slightly over half of them ordered an account. They set up their own account. That was data. And day three, my team had grown to thirty eight partners registered. But only 14 of those had set up an account at that stage. Sometimes people get registered and maybe they need to move some funds around to get to get deposit. Maybe they don’t have a Bitcoin wallet. So sometimes it takes a little bit of time for your partner clock to catch up on your active partner clock. So on day three, I had 38 partners and I had 14 active partners with on account the next day day for the partner compared to sixty eight, the active partners, about 50 percent had already moved over. Now to the to the active partner status. So very satisfied at this stage. But something very exceptional also happened on this particular day on the 27th.

We got that document I shared with you at the beginning of the presentation. We got this from a government that showed us the seventy five million fully paid up shares. It showed us the owners showed us the address of the company and the registration number and that give us a lot of confidence. We also had somebody go visit the offices. Yes, we had somebody that went to Canberra, went to the office. We went up through the elevator to the eighth floor. I think they’re all in there and met not only the director, they also met the CMO as well. So that gave us a lot of confidence, seeing them actively trading they’re actively working in those premises and the government document. And what happened the very next day, the very next day, day five, it went from sixty eight customers to four hundred and sixty one. You can see the impact; you can see the belief and the confidence in the marketplace. And now you can see two hundred and fifty active account holders of that got quite exciting. The next day, day six, it went up to over 600 accounts with three hundred and eighty eight active the next day. Well, a couple of days, seven day seven. My first week in the business and I want to show this with two people just to I just shared it with two people.

We had six hundred and eighty one partners and four hundred and twenty one live accounts. Now these numbers have doubled again this week. We’re not at the end of the week. We’re just coming to the end of the week. But in my first week, I’m very happy to say that I earned, what’s it, $4361 and I got a bonus of $3000. For right now we can do a compensation plan, training on another call if you wish to show you how to achieve these figures. But an extra seven thousand dollars in one week into my family was very, very important in these economic times. When the shops are closing, when people are out of work with Lockton, people are frightened. People are worried about their careers. People are worried about their business. People are worried about their future. Well, isn’t it amazing from the comfort of my home, you can build an online business and so can you simply by inviting people to presentations, by sharing this, if you can explain and get your employees to explain it for you and start building the business. So great results. But what I’d like to do now. I’d like to maybe just hand it back to to Fraser. He might introduce you to some other people on today’s call that can share their experience, can share their success with all of our new guests today. So back to you, Fraser, just for a moment.

Get started with Beurax

Beurax Testimonial Fraser Douther,

Yeah. This is like, OK, guys, fantastic presentation.

I’m not going to take too much time with you. I’m just going to talk about where the company making this money. Now I do it again, a little bit more research into this here.You can see this is the live trading platform that anybody can go on. You just put trading up Durex dot com. You don’t have to be a member. And you can see the live trading platform guides at the top here. You can see the nine different pairs that they are trading.

And then on each one, on the right hand side, the top right hand corner, you can see the assets that they’re trading on a twenty four hour basis, a seven day basis and a 30 day basis.

What’s really, really exciting, this is where the money comes. This is a life thing. Now, how do we know that? Just look at the time frame here. Eleven twenty four. Now, this is Central European Time. As we keep refreshing this part of the business, you will see it will change as we go through the time as we talk. What’s really exciting on the Bitcoin USD, the company are making 3.67 percent today. That’s just on Bitcoin.

If you go to Ethereum, they’re making 2.78 percent today, now over the nine different parts of the company are making in excess of 30 percent per day. I think it’s around 29.8 percent a day on a 24 hour period. I remember one of the highest daily payments. The pay in the affiliates is 4.2 percent over 200 days. Yeah. So they make it 30 percent and they’re paying out 4.2 percent or 3 percent. Or if you’re on the interest return that sort of the return swaps, 4.4 percent.

So that’s really key. You can see now the clock has changed, 11.25 just changed its life. Guys, do you know what’s really exciting? And I just want to cover this point before I bring on our our guest speaker was going to give a quick testimonial if you put one Bitcoin in last week or two weeks ago. You are getting the reward of one point four or three percent, whatever your daily rewards, you get in that every day. At the value of Bitcoin. So let’s say you put one big in and you’re getting three percent today, then you get two point zero zero three every day of a Bitcoin. Yeah, but a Bitcoin two weeks ago was thirty thousand dollars. Today, as you can see here. You can see that Bitcoin is approaching sixteen thousand dollars. It’s currently at $15,500 and continues to rise.  When you get your Bitcoin, but you get one Bitcoin that’s valued at fifteen thousand dollars, not thirty thousand dollars. Plus, in all the period that you’ve been in the club, you’ve been paid rewards. The value of the bid, the same applies to Ethereum must go from 300 in the last three or four days to 450 dollars. That’s crazy, absolute crazy. Get started with Beurax

Beurax Testimonial Pastor Asterix

So I want to go to find my very good friend and business partner that we’ve been in business for many, many years to get together and is a very astute business gentleman who I met in 2011 when I went to to Nigeria.

It was one of the first people I’d invited to come and take a look at this. We’ve got about five minutes and I want to introduce you to Pastor Asterix. Are you there, my friend?

Right away is the phrase good day, everybody. It’s a pleasure to be here. Thank you, Mr. Hugh, for that wonderful presentation for me. I just have a little thing to say is actually a personal connection, because before I used the phrase this Sunday night, I had the business training and I’m on the money business program on getting business to discuss peace. And I will share with individuals that it is possible for you to move from just more Clippy and picture to paycheck you and daddy. I was using some of the telecom giants that we have.

And when I was that and when I say it is possible for people to earn income, did you not see your opportunity? And that’s on the night in the middle of the night around 11:00 p.m. First I send me an information that I something on board. I’m interested. And I said I’m always interested in particular. And between that, you’ll never be in until 1:00 a.m. I was able to get on board. As I tell you now, for me being part of a business of this nature, I do the first time we have this kind of wonderful, abiding and exclusive in our Croshere and also for us in Nigeria. We did a lot of smart contracts, comes everywhere, and we did this solidity that we have seen with Durex, the opportunities off the roofs and is becoming something suspicious. So we are grateful that we are we are at the beginning. I like my team. The Yankees have authorized I went to the ICC all right alongside. So when I pursued Mr Fraser said who I’m the same one also doesn’t know our connection. And we trust that within the next six months, a lot of a lot of families are seeing families in different communities. You know, there are people in this side of the house that even give me one hundred dollars in the month, you see, which is the money. And these are doing them all overcover, especially with this hard hit in this area. We have not sure that he’s going to be something very good for us to be part of it. And it’s going to be a good life. So thank you very much. I appreciate him as a result of this.

All right. Thank you, guys. This is one of your leaders who really knows his business stuff the day the team in Nigeria, Australia, New Zealand, many of the parts of the world are growing like crazy. You’ve already seen the numbers that have appeared from his back office. This has just exploded.

And what I really love about this business is how you guys can earn more than me because it’s all down to paying the people that do the work. Now, if you’ve just come on board the last 24 hours or even in the last hour, you can go to work, share this, make money and make more money than me. Hugh, Simon, Pastor or anybody here, you can get to the bonuses before we do that. One of our New Zealand team got to the bonuses before me.

That’s because she was doing the work. She was doing more work than me. So this is a really level playing field for everybody and that’s unheard of in any online business.

Guys, guys, we’re not going to take any questions today, but I think I hope that if you see this for the very first time, you really understand what a very special business this is. You can join us. Put the money into the plan and then passively, you don’t have to do anything else, sit back at every day, take your reward and withdraw it every day, there are no fees, no fees on withdrawals.

That is, again, a no, the first in the network marketing business, so you can possibly but if you want to share this and then bigger boats, there are bonuses, there are referral bonuses at different levels.

The bigger you build your organization, the bigger the paycheck gets for you, the bigger the bonuses come.

Very, very exciting indeed. It’s a new company and it is growing like crazy, so we got guys are going to love you and leave you.

Make sure you get back to the person that invited you to this call today.

Ask the questions. If you know pasteurizing part of this team, make sure each day you are pestering him for the answers he will love that he will love that big smile, that big smile evokes questions like, guys, go and pester the heck out of this guy.

Because it will be worth your while financially, so we are going to thank each and every one of you for joining us today. I want to thank you, Hugh, for doing an excellent presentation and everybody else involved.

Let’s go and create one of the biggest massive explosions that any online business has ever happened.

We’ve now got Saturday and Sunday where we can now go bring people in in preparation to earn a Monday morning and withdraw on Tuesday morning. Let’s go do it, guys. Take care. Have a great day. And we’ll speak you all very soon. See you at the top, guys.Get started with Beurax