Beurax Review

Over the past year, I have joined a few other programs which trade cryptocurrencies the same as Beurax. In this Beurax Review I will give my opinions and results in these programs:

beurax registration

Just over two weeks ago I had a phone call from a close friend asking me to look at a new program he had joined Beurax. This was different from other programs I had joined over the past year. Beurax offered a fixed rate daily return over specific time periods. This takes the risks of daily trading from us and with the microsecond trading bots, we can be assured of Beurax returning profits. With my first Beurax investment I opted for the 1.4% over 20 days. The return is paid to my wallet each day and can be reinvested or withdrawn. I have reinvested and withdrawn to my Wirex Crypto/Fiat Debit Card and was available for spending within a few minutes

cashfxI was introduced to CashFx and deposited $1,000 on 12th September 2019. On joining the program automatically takes $300 as a subscription to the CashFx Academy. This Academy has several instructional videos on trading the Forex market. To be truthful I have no interest in personal trading so did not even look at the CashFx Academy courses. The $700 balance is then taken to the CashFx Trading Account. My CashFx Trading account then expired on 17th May 2020 when the balance was $1,600.  This was 171 working days and a return of 60% on my $1000 deposit. When I then decided not to renew the plan and made a withdrawal I then had a 20% fee deducted from my end balance.

mind capital

I joined Mind Capital on 30th December 2019. I still have my initial deposit running in this program and in the 221 days since joining my earnings have been 78.43%. In Mind Capital, we are paid 8% of direct referral earnings with the percentage decreasing over 10 levels.  Today, 20th November I have just made a request for a withdrawal from Mind Capital and have been told it will continue to trade until 10th December and will be paid out on 10th January. This is 8 weeks to get my own money back. My son also requested a withdrawal today and as his deposit is last month he has to have his deposit in Mind. Capital for 90 days before he can request to withdraw.

I hope looking at my Beurax Review comparing other programs you will agree it is clear that Beurax is the best option. With a fixed-rate return of 1.4% for 20 days, this is a 28% 4-week return. With an investment of $1.000 in Beurax and reinvesting every 20 days for a year, the accumulated balance would be $24,758. With higher investments, you can choose one of Beurax other plans with fixed returns up to 4.2% every working day.

Beurax ReviewJoin Beurax today, create passive income, and give your family financial freedom.